Aug  September 2020
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Saturday, Sep 5, 2020   
Award Winner
AK74  [VKS] Felipe só de faca (44 kills with ak47)
AKM  Cacique Comunista (296 kills with akm)
AKS74U  DONaLEILA (52 kills with aks74u)
ANM14  Nazare Tedesco (5 kills with anm14)
AT4  Ward [BRA] (74 kills with at4)
C4  CUERVO (29 kills with c4)
F1  FLASHBACK FM (74 kills with f1)
FAL  =BVS= MatrixBr (114 kills with fal)
GALIL  [UNKN] C A P O N E (22 kills with galil)
GALIL SAR  agustincar2 (28 kills with galil sar)
GP25  Jagaimo (10 kills with gp25)
Gurkha  [VKS] Felipe só de faca (15 kills with gurkha)
IED  Star Fruit (11 kills with ied)
KABAR  [VKS] Felipe só de faca (12 kills with kabar)
L1A1  =BVS= MatrixBr (111 kills with lia1)
Longest Death Streak  DnAe (25 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  Messi (31 kills)
Longest Play Time  Cacique Comunista (11:33:31h hours)
M14  [UNATCO]JCDenton (27 kills with m14)
M16A4  Stockfish (139 kills with m16a4)
M1911  Conshtraaah (9 kills with m1911)
M1A1  LschulzBR (13 kills with m1a1)
M203  Ward [BRA] (24 kills with m203)
M249  MV (49 kills with m249)
M40A1  Bodhi (18 kills with m40a1)
M45  [AVENGERS] Captain America (7 kills with m45)
M4A1  Ward [BRA] (119 kills with m4a1)
M590  Cacique Comunista (130 kills with m590)
M67  FLASHBACK FM (61 kills with m67)
M9  Oceano (23 kills with m9)
MAKAROV  Star Fruit (52 kills with makarov)
MINI14  pexe (14 kills with mini14)
MK18  Cacique Comunista (173 kills with mk18)
MODEL10  Colarun (9 kills with model10)
MOLOTOV  ZOYLOKYTO (4 kills with molotv)
MOSIN  Bodhi (11 kills with mosin)
Most Deaths  Cacique Comunista (494 deaths)
Most Improved Player  QuanticGamer (4,033 points gained)
Most Kills  Cacique Comunista (861 kills)
Most Suicides  Ward [BRA] (11 suicides)
MP40  Stockfish (25 kills with mp40)
MP5  Pelashka (53 kills with mp5)
RPG7  Ward [BRA] (118 kills with rpg7)
RPK  MV (35 kills with rpk)
SKS  Kanondragao (33 kills with sks)
STERLING  Conshtraaah (29 kills with sterling)
TOZ  Cacique Comunista (78 kills with toz)
UMP45  Cacique Comunista (73 kills with ump45)